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UPTIME International is the global leader in developing safe motion compensated logistics solutions for sale and rental to the Offshore Wind and to the Oil & Gas industry

Uptime provides the world’s most reliable walk to work logistics solutions. We always do our utmost to be at the forefront of technology through the design and manufacturing of safe and efficient motion compensated access systems for customers within offshore wind and oil & gas

Our mission

Increase uptime through safe access for our customers


Sustainability is one of the key components of our company values. We care about our planet and are committed to developing technology supporting the green transition


Uptime Access Systems are always designed and build according to the latest edition of certification standards. Type approval are obtained according to DNV-ST-0358 and DNV-ST-0378


Edition September 2017

Amended October 2021

Offshore Gangways


Edition July 2019

Amended October 2021

Offshore and Platform Lifting Appliances


May 2016

Certification of Offshore Access Systems


August 2016

Guide for Certification of Offshore Access Gangways August 2016



World's first motion compensated Walk to Work logistics system design and delivery

World's first logistics system integration to DP

World's first stair/elevator-tower design released

World's first delivery of adjustable pedestal for logistics system

Logistics system delivered to world's first dedicated windfarm SOV

World's first auto landing for logistics system tested and proven

World's first logistics system with electrical trolley for cargo transfer through gangway

World's first A-frame on logistics system-tip delivered

World's first logistics system with Statoil/Equinor TRL7 approval

World's first logistics system with slip-off function delivered

World's first type 2 autonomous logistics system with artificial intelligence delivered

World's first type 1 autonomous logistics system with artificial intelligence delivered



Mark Whitehead

Snr Client and Commercial Manager | BIBBY Marine

"We have had a strong relationship with Uptime since 2017, From a commercial and technical perspective UPTIME are one of the market leaders in providing offshore access systems. They delivered a high-quality W2W gangway for our flagship Bibby WaveMaster 1 and we are pleased to say the gangway has completed almost 100k personnel transfers with zero breakdowns. The aftercare service is second to none and we’re proud to recommend UPTIME for any project."


Morten Villadsen

Technical Superintendent | CBED

"Since installation in 2016, our vessel, Wind Innovation, has completed more than 10,000 transfers using the Uptime gangway. We have never experienced any major breakdowns despite the fact that we have periods with +24 transfers every 24 hours. We are also very satisfied with the aftermarket setup, where we can get 24/7 support to check the gangway in case of any issues without having to arrange a technician coming onboard. All in all, both Operators, Chief Engineer, Captain and everyone from Backoffice are very satisfied with the performance of our Uptime gangway."


Ryan Stewart

Chief Operating Officer | Prosafe

"Having used Uptime passive gangways for many years on the Prosafe fleet of semi-submersible accommodation vessels, the design has proven to be the most reliable in terms of connectivity performance. It is clear that our clients, regardless of region, have confidence in Uptime gangways to ensure safe and efficient operations at all times."


Harald Poppinga

Engineering Director | Seaway 7

"Since the launch of our Installation Support Vessel, Seaway Moxie, we have been operating an Uptime gangway walk-2-work system safely and successfully on board. Regardless of the weather conditions, like harsh winter conditions in the North Sea or tropical weather conditions in Taiwan waters, we can always count on our Uptime walk-2-work system."


Egil Arne Skare

Chief Project Officer | Østensjø Rederi

"Our relationship with Uptime has lasted for many years and is built on mutual trust and understanding for more and more complex challenges for offshore access systems. Located nearby us, and being the offshore access system supplier with the longest and most impressive track record in this market, it was only natural that our close cooperation with Uptime came in place. Uptime has during these years provided us with innovative solutions through dedicated engineering work. Through an experienced pool of service engineers, Uptime offers us needed service and OEM spare parts allowing an extended life cycle of the access system, and accordingly making their products economically beneficial. Uptime is truly a customer-focused company that we easily could recommend."


Maarten Verjaal

Commercial Director | GRANENERGIA

"The motion compensated gangway is critical to Granenergia’s success executing its clients' offshore projects. It is ensuring the safe transfer of the workforce between the vessels and the platforms we are working on. The performance of the Uptime gangways and the service provided have always been great as we could expect from a tier-one supplier."


An Wan Hong

General Manager - Offshore | Accommodation Division

"UPTIME gangways bridging our DP3 floatels and clients’ offshore assets seamlessly, which ensures 7/24 W2W personnel transfer operations safely and efficiently, even though under very harsh environmental conditions, the impeccable gangway uptime availability of POSH SSAVs is well-known in the oil & gas-rich Campos basin, JANGKRIK, GOM, GUMUSUT-KAKAP and Prelude FLNG fields, overlooking each 500m/z, they are meshed perfectly, always looks immaculate."


Matthias Müller

Managing Director | WINDEA Offshore

"We were pleased that Uptime took our feedback for the 23,4m gangway and developed the new 30m version, which offers more operability. The included crane is a significant enhancement for the operation, too.... "


Emil Rasch

Able seaman | ESVAGT NJORD

"I have a good impression of how the Uptime works. It is easy to control, it works well and have taken account of different circumstances that could arise. If problems arise with the Uptime, they are quick to help, either remotely or by sending people to the location. The courses consist of a basic course and an advanced course. In both they do well to mix it so you first learn the theory of one part, after which you try it on the simulator. That way it is not half a day of theory followed by half a day of simulation. When taking the practical exam you are in an advanced simulator and will try connecting in different weather conditions. Uptime is also open for suggestions from the Uptime operators on how to make improvements."


Patrick Pattenier

Technical Superintendent | OOS International

"I have been working with Uptime’s telescopic gangways for more than 6 years now, as these are installed on our assets. I am very pleased with the quality of the telescopic gangways and same applies for the quality of the spares and customers service from Uptime. Till date, we haven’t had issues with our gangways resulting in maximum uptime for our clients, which is our ultimate aim."


Lars Ove Hole

Vessel Manager Renewable Energy | Solstad Offshore ASA

"We mobilized our first Uptime gangway in 2017. That was the start of a fruitful cooperation which has grown stronger over the years. We appreciate the solution orientated dialogue with the onshore team and we are currently having several vessels operating with Uptime gangway onboard. These have proven to have an excellent operability and uptime during many years of operation."


Arve Nilsen

Technical Manager & Head of Procurement | Eidesvik

"Uptime has delivered the gangway system for our offshore wind vessel Acergy Viking. Reliability and safety is of great importance in complex offshore operations and we are pleased to say that Uptime has delivered on their promise of performance and uptime. We are also impressed with the company’s continued focus on product development and their ability to adjust solutions to the requirements of our operations."

The Transparency Act / Åpenhetsloven

The Transparency Act aims to ensure that businesses in Norway respect and disclose their handling of negative aspects related to human rights and working conditions in the production of goods and services. Uptime's customers can rest assured that their deliveries are in compliance with the new law.


The whistleblowing channel allows you to report breaches or suspected breaches of Uptime International's internal policies, the Code of Conduct or laws and regulations. This policy is intended to assist individuals who believe they have discovered malpractice or impropriety. The parties protected under the whistle-blowing may be employees, former employees or contractors/suppliers, associates, and relatives/dependents of any such individuals.

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