Walk to work services control system

The UPTIME CONTROL system handles several degrees of motion with two floating objects simultaneously. Its capabilities include ensuring faster and safer gangway landing and operation in bad weather.

UPTIME CONTROL utilises sensors, camera and radar technology, and machine learning to achieve autonomous control and autolanding of the gangway.
The control system’s digital twin makes provision for remotely controlled operation, automation, analysis, reporting and monitoring of equipment, and operation from the operator position or from land, including predictive maintenance.


Floating wind ready

  • UPTIME’s control system for logistics operations is prepared for both bottom-fixed and floating installations

  • The control system – being the brain in the logistics system – uses motion sensors, camera- and radar-technology, and artificial intelligence to achieve autonomous control and auto landing of the gangway

  • UPTIME CONTROL handles motions in several axes, with two floating objects simultaneously

  • Through the control system’s digital twin, it is prepared for remote-controlled operations, automation, analysis, reporting and surveillance of equipment and operation, either from the operator position at the vessel’s bridge or from an onshore location. This is will also enable preventive maintenance.


Efficient and safe logistics operations

  • Enables remote-controlled, automatic, and autonomous Walk2Work-operations

  • Applicable for both bottom-fixed and floating wind turbines

  • Autonomous operations like auto landing reduces the risk for human mistakes

  • Efficient and safe transfer of personnel and cargo between the service operation vessel (SOV) and the wind turbine, despite the independent movement between these

  • Safer, more secure landing and operation contributes to reduces fuel cost and fuel emission from the SOV

  • The digital twin enables operations supported by real time data, hence more evidence-based preventive maintenance and support

  • Efficient and safe logistics operations contribute to increased uptime for the wind turbine