Autonomous cargo handling

Avoid manual trolley handling
Uptime is developing an autonomous pallet robot for transporting goods and equipment between service vessel and wind turbine. This means personnel avoid manual trolley handling and ensures safer and more efficient transport of goods to and from the wind turbine.

Named UPTIME TROLLEY, this autonomous robot is connected to other digital and physical logistics systems via the UPTIME COLLABORATE cloud service.
It is an agile and efficient robot which autonomously handles loading and discharging of cargo. The aim is to reduce time and resources devoted to logistics and thereby increase personnel capacity to execute the actual service and maintenance assignment.
UPTIME TROLLEY has been developed with Solwr, a technology company which specialises in enterprise resource planning (ERP), integration, automation and robotics.


Collaborative and autonomous cargo robot

  • Autonomous pallet-robot for transportation of cargo and equipment between warehouse, vessel, and the wind turbines

  • Self-loading / unloading

  • Connected to UPTIME COLLABORATE for optimalization of logistics processes

  • Flexible configuration and connection to other digital and physical logistics systems

  • Flexible and space-efficient for standardized cargo


Safer and more efficient transportation of cargo
to and from the wind turbine

  • Ensure efficient flow of cargo between the vessel and the wind turbine, based on external conditions like weather and visibility

  • Eliminate risk related to manual use of trolley on and between moveable elements and varying surfaces

  • Avoidance of dangerous operations and possible personnel injuries

  • Increases the crew’s capacity to perform the service operation

  • Uses personnel for maintenance and technical operations, instead of using their valuable time for loading/ unloading cargo

  • Area efficient

  • Efficient logistics operations ensure fast return on investment (ROI) by reduced operational time for the SOV and increased Uptime for the wind turbine