Operational and business analytics

The UPTIME COLLABORATE cloud service is the nervous system in UPTIME Digital Ecosystem, and will contribute to planning and executing operations based on documented experience and data directly transmitted from the rest of UPTIME Digital Ecosystem. It can also exploit windows of opportunity by utilising third-party inputs such as weather and vessel data.

UPTIME COLLABORATE draws on insights from current and earlier operations to understand, improve and optimise operations – including across vessels and fleets. Effective operation time for gangways, with fast connection, logistics and disconnection, improves service vessel operability and reduces wind turbine downtime.


Cross-functional data sharing – Utilize and optimize the window of opportunity

  • The cloud service UPTIME COLLABORATE uses machine learning to optimize todays and future operations of vessel and vessel-fleets

  • Shares and utilizes historical and live data from UPTIME’s Digital Ecosystem

  • Possibility for integration of third-party data like weather- and vessel-data

  • Continuous development and launch of new functionalities


Optimal planning of operations – decision support

  • Uses insight from both ongoing and previous operations to understand, improve and optimize planning and performance of operations

  • Give access to information like weather conditions and vessel movements that potentially could affect the operation

  • Increased utilization of vessel and vessel fleet

  • Efficient operation time for gangway including fast connection, logistics and disconnection, leads to increased operability for the vessel, and reduced downtime for the wind turbine

    - Simplifies reporting
    - Increases extent of automation
    - Strengthen autonomous operations

  • Allowing for more efficient working days for the crew

  • Ensures correct basis for analysis for both preventive maintenance, future operations, and business development