Crew and cargo tracker

Safer operations
Uptime is also launching a solution for real-time digital tracking of personnel and equipment moving over the gangway, on the service vessel and on the turbine. This service has been named UPTIME TRACK.

In addition to protecting safety, UPTIME TRACK is tied to the control and cloud system and can help to reveal and assess deviations and bottlenecks in flows of personnel and goods between wind turbine and service vessel.
With real-time tracking, the traditional camera system will be supplemented by full oversight of where personnel and equipment are located on their way to or from the wind turbine.


Live crew and cargo tracker on gangway

  • UPTIME TRACK gives an overview and control of the personnel and cargo that are using the gangway

  • Surveillance of efficiency and flow at the gangway using real-time data from UPTIME TRACK

  • Registration of deployed personnel at wind turbine

  • Connected to UPTIME CONTROL and UPTIME COLLABORATE to reveal and evaluate deviations and bottlenecks in the flow of personnel and cargo

  • Ensure safety during non-planned changes in operations

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Safe operations – both for crew and cargo

  • By real-time tracking it is possible to avoid moving the gangway if personnel and/or cargo is on its way to or from the wind turbine

  • Automatic reporting

  • Input for analysis and planning for future operations

  • Tracking of personnel and cargo during potential incidents can enhance search and rescue