Uptime won the Growth- and Innovation Award 2022

Our Head of Engineering & Operations, Alf Magnar Liknes (to the left) and our CEO, Knut Christian Hovland (to the right), received the award on November 1st, 2022.

On Tuesday, November 2nd we were awarded the Growth- and Innovation Award in our home municipality, Karmøy on the event “Bedriftenes dag” – Forside – Bedriftenes dag. Our company was nominated together with two other companies also having achieved remarkably results the last year, making us even more humbled for receiving this award. An award that has been made possible through strong team-work from our entire staff. The winner of the award is chosen based on the following criterias:

  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Business Idea
  • Value Creation
  • Growth- and Marketpotential
  • Profitability

The jury has chosen Uptime as the winner of the award in particular based on the extent of innovation. Even though being the market leader within logistics systems, our company continue to innovate in high-tech and autonomous solutions providing increased safety for the users within offshore wind- and oil & gas-industry. In addition to the fact that we are also running exciting products within new markets, a continued growth are foreseen.

Uptime is seeing a significant increase in the demand for the logistics-systems we are delivering, with several new systems being delivered in 2022 and onwards. The turnover has increased from NOK 245mill in 2021 (an increase from NOK 157mill in 2020) and will surpass NOK 400mill this year.

CEO Knut Christian Hovland replied during the receival of the award; “This was both very pleasant and at the same time a surprise. Congrats to the entire Team Uptime!”.

For those who speak and/ or understand Norwegian, you can listen to an interview our CEO made to the local radio-station, Radio102 following the award-ceremony; Uptime er årets vekst- og nyskaper – Radio 102.

Photo courtesy by Camilla Sørensen Wik, Karmøynytt

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