UPTIME awarded 3 contracts for VARD service operation vessels

Uptime International AS (UPTIME) has been awarded 3 contracts from Vard Singapore Pte Ltd for the supply of 3 Walk to Work systems to be included on their new build vessels for North Star Renewables to be built at VARD’s Vard Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam. The vessels will be operating on the first two phases of Dogger Bank Wind Farm, currently being built in the North Sea. UPTIME’s scope of supply consists of three complete access systems for personnel and cargo, each consisting of a 30m autonomous gangway with artificial intelligence, mounted on elevator towers to ensure the highest possible logistics capability between vessel and turbines. One of the gangways will also have a motion-compensated 3D crane function included in the delivery. The project will commence immediately with a project duration of approximately 22 months in total.

All three vessels have been contracted by North Star Renewables to be used at the Dogger Bank A and B phases of the offshore wind farm currently under construction. Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be located more than 130km off the North East coast of England and comprises three 1.2GW phases. When complete in 2026, it will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

Sivert Skårn, General Director of VARD’s shipyard Vard Vung Tau in a statement says;

“These three vessels are developed specifically to handle planned maintenance for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm. The Walk to Work system from UPTIME with its height-adjustable, motion-compensated, and autonomous gangway with a corresponding elevator system being a key design element to ensure efficient and safe logistics. We look forward to working together with UPTIME for these future-oriented vessels to North Star Renewables.”

Andrew Duncan, Renewables Director of North Star Renewables in a statement says;

“Our high-quality service offshore vessel (SOV) design for the Dogger Bank Wind Farm has taken into consideration all the available technologies to ensure the safety and comfort of those on board, while also delivering superior performance with a low environmental footprint. Throughout the last two years of bringing our SOV concept to realisation, UPTIME has been consistent in their approach to supporting our vision. We look forward to seeing their state-of-the-art elevator tower and autonomous 30m gangways being installed on our fleet of SOVs to support safe and efficient operations at the development.”

Svein Ove Haugen, VP Sales & Marketing of UPTIME International AS in a statement says;

“We are proud and humbled to be chosen as the Walk to Work system provider for this important project, especially taken into mind the focus that has been given to ensure efficient logistics at the highest possible operability when designing these VARD state-of-the-art vessels. We now look forward to delivering a successful project towards VARD and their customer North Star Renewables.”

At 3.6GW Dogger Bank is being built in three equal phases of 1.2GW. Phases A and B are a joint venture between Equinor (40%) SSE Renewables (40%) and Eni (20%). The third phase is a joint venture between Equinor (50%) and SSE Renewables (50%) and is being built on a different timescale.

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