Norwind Offshore’s first vessel ready for delivery with Uptime walk to work rental system installed

Congratulations to Norwind Offshore on their naming ceremony and delivery of Norwind Breeze, a former PSV that has been converted to a SOV by Vard Brattvaag. The vessel is equipped with an Uptime walk to work rental system as a frontrunner, while the ordered Uptime 30m autonomous system is being finalized. 

The Norwind Breeze is the first vessel of the newbuild program for the offshore wind company, Norwind Offshore, of a total of 5 vessels. The vessel is of VARD 4 01 design, developed by Vard Design in Ålesund in close cooperation with Norwind Offshore. The renewables company Ørsted has contracted the Norwind Breeze in their project for developing the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2 on the British continental shelf.

Photo: Staale Wattø, Sunnmørsposten

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