Meet one of our new colleagues!

The number of employees in Uptime is continously growing and we spoke with one of the newest members of our team, Øyvind Hausken Sørensen about his previous experience, why he wanted to work for Uptime and what his colleagues can expect from him.

Hi Øyvind and congratulations with your new job! Please tell us who you are and what you do in your sparetime?

Thanks! My name is Øyvind, I’m 33 years old, born and raised in Haugesund, south-west in Norway. I’m living at Solvang with my cohabitant and our newborn kid. Life has become more busy now after we became parents but it’s great fun.

I’ve been practicing music and football all life, but when I noticed that my body wasn’t that fit any longer and that I wasn’t “young and promising” anymore, I figured out that golfing was more fun. Golf has become my main interest and I have also started playing the racketsport padel.

I guess we can say welcome back to you. What happened and what made you come back to Uptime?

I was working as a consultant here in 2020, and experienced a very good working environment and exciting tasks. Unfortunately, Covid-19 made further cooperation difficult and I ended up in another industry for two years. But I kept an eye on Uptime, due to the fact that I really enjoyed working here because of both the interesting tasks and good colleagues. Hence, when this new opportunity came up, I never doubt trying coming back to Uptime.

What is that you like best with Uptime?

In Uptime, I’m a part of a company which is a worldwide-leader within its industry, and that itself is pretty cool. We have projects running all over the world, and we can proudly say that we are delivering world-class products.

Even though the working speed is high, there is always help to get if you ask. That is one of the great things working in Uptime. We are a good and close team working across the different departments helping each other. It is immensively inspiring for me working with very skilled colleagues every single day, and something that I’m looking forward to learn much from in future.

One thing that I learned early in my career in Uptime is that a gangway isn’t just a gangway. Aluminium, hydraulics, electro, design, welding, turret, steeltower, you name it. Here we have a lot to deal with. In Uptime your learning-curve is steep, and that is something that I really like, you will never stop to learn. Always new challenges and solutions.

Please tell us about your working day as a Project Engineer.

I never have workingdays that are completely similar. If it is being responsible for sending packages, document-handling, administrative tasks related to projects, keep control in our ERP-system, making working-orders for our Production department or making packinglists and proforma together with Supply Chain and Warehouse. I’m little bit involved “all over”. I’m enjoying it when the tempo is high and as a Project Engineer I feel very lucky to be a part of all our projects.

In our Project-department we first and foremost has the responsibility to drive the projects forward. That is, being the one who has the contact with the end-customer, follow-up with our Production, whether it is regarding an elevator-tower in Poland or a gangway here at Husøy. Having a good relationship, and maybe most importantly a good dialogue with all our departments like Engineering, Supply Chain, Warehouse and Production. We all have to go in the same direction and finally deliver a product – a world-class logistic system that the customer is satisfied with.

We wish Øyvind welcome back to Uptime, and best of luck in his new role!

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