Meet one of our new colleagues!

As Uptime International strides forward in our journey of growth and innovation, we’re excited to introduce a new member of our HR team.


Welcome to Uptime, Kristine! Can you start by telling us a bit about your background and what inspired you to pursue a career in Human Resources?

Thank you! Working with people has always been both exciting and enlightening for me. My experience in the military, with the competence, responsibilities, and knowledge it provided, has been a strong foundation for interpreting legislation and handling various aspects within HR. I continuously encounter diverse challenges and situations that expand my knowledge and skill set. Working with employees and also contributing to achieving the company’s goals is very rewarding for me, something I truly appreciate and find motivating.

What aspects of Uptime attracted you to this role in our HR department?

Uptime is an exciting company that’s actively evolving in various areas, including HR. Being involved in the process of implementation of a new HR system will be highly motivating and a learning curve for me. Additionally, I look forward to learning more about the private sector and the wind, oil and gas industry.

Human Resources plays a crucial role in shaping the culture and environment of a company. From what you`ve observed so far, how would you describe our culture and its impact on employee morale and engagement?

I will describe the culture as forward-looking and innovative, with a strong commitment to finding solutions. This focus has a profound impact on employee morale and engagement in their work and involvement. Given Uptime’s recent growth, these factors are essential for maintaining our ability to provide our unique products to stakeholders. Additionally, the presence of many talented employees adds to the inspiring environment of collaboration.
It’s also important to emphasize that the good collaboration between the employer and the employee contributes to creating a positive work culture.

March was Women`s History Month. In light of this, how do you believe the recognition and achievements of women, contribute to shaping modern workplaces?

I think it’s important to highlight and recognize the contributions women make in modern workplaces. This also shows other women that it’s possible to strive towards their goals. Studies indicates that women often excel in areas such as innovation, curiosity, as well as showing care and sociability towards colleagues. These are crucial areas that I think contribute to shaping a modern workplace.

Inclusion is critical in creating a supportive workplace. How do you plan to contribute and enhance this in Uptime International?

In a supportive work environment, it’s clearly important to have an inclusive atmosphere, which I’ve noticed is definitely the case here. During my first all-hands meeting held in March, I was impressed by how transparent Uptime is. The leadership discussed finances, our current status, and where we’re headed. This fostered a sense of inclusion, which is crucial. The all-hands meetings also provide an opportunity to ask all kinds of questions, and they’re answered as thoroughly as possible.

To maintain this work environment, I think it’s crucial for HR to be open to employees’ perspectives and input. Furthermore, I believe it will become easier over time as Uptime implements an HR system that can streamline certain processes from what they are today.

Uptime is known for its innovative approach to the industry. In your view, how does HR support and drive innovation within the company?

Considering the implementation of a new HR system, I believe that HR could support and drive innovation within the company by establishing quantitative analyses, building solid routines, and measuring what these aspects can provide the company with insights for the way forward.

I believe HR supports and drives innovation within the company with being future-oriented by developing new routines and processes that address today’s challenges differently from the past.

Otherwise, it is of course to hire individuals who desire development and are interested in innovative solutions.

Finally, what are you most excited about in your new role, and what do you hope to achieve in your first year in Uptime?

From a professional perspective, I’m most excited about being involved in the implementation of a new HR system. It’s completely new for me, so I expect to gain valuable knowledge in technical HR through this experience, which will provide a foundation for streamlining further work and development at Uptime. Additionally, I’m looking forward to engaging in more analytical and strategic tasks next year.

I can’t wait to dive into these exciting tasks once I’m back from parental leave!

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