Meet one of our new colleagues!

Uptime`s workforce is expanding continuously, and we had the opportunity to speak with one of our newest members, Pål Eirik Steinsnes.


Welcome to Uptime, Pål Eirik! Can you share a bit about your background and what led you to join us as a Project Manager in the Rental & Services division?

Thank you! I started my career in Hydro Aluminium in 1994. I have been working in various departments in Hydro and have had a wide range of responsibilities. Worked as an Expat for Hydro in Qatar when they started a new aluminium factory. I have also worked three years in Nexans cable factory at Karmøy.

I was working as a Shift Supervisor for Speira when the Project Manager position in Uptime caught my attention!

I like to challenge my self and learn new things. After almost 30 years’ experience in process and production, I thought that the position as a Project Manager in Uptime would bring me new challenges, competences, and personal grow in an exciting business area.

Uptime offers innovative and interesting products, and the role was thrilling!


What does your role as a Project Manager entail and what motivates you?

As a Project Manager in the Aftermarket Services Department, I am engaging extensively in communication with customers, planning of work, sales of services, project oversight, and a variety of stimulating tasks – every working day. The role offers a broad spectrum of learning opportunities and the chance to execute diverse assignments.

The work tasks are very motivating, as it encompasses a wide range of disciplines – including planning, engineering, communication, and technical problem-solving. The necessity to navigate through various challenges is inherently motivating, driving progress within the project. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve customer satisfaction!

The extensive learning opportunities and the array of diverse situations that necessitate effective management are inspiring.


From your perspective, how does Uptime stand out?

With our highly skilled and motivated workforce, combined with our innovative products and services – I have great confidence in Uptime and our future.


What do you like about working in Uptime?

The exceptional work environment where support is available from all quarters. The atmosphere is characterized by friendliness and a helpful attitude among colleagues. I appreciate the diversity of each working day and the learning opportunities. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this innovative company. I am looking forward to playing a role in Uptime`s journey moving forward.

We warmly welcome Pål Eirik to Uptime and wish him great success in his position!

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