DOF Subsea has awarded UPTIME with two contracts

Uptime International AS (UPTIME) has been awarded two Walk to Work contracts to support DOF Subsea on their awarded long-term contract for a Multi-Purpose Supply Vessel (MPSV). The MPSV is commencing work for a major International Energy Company on a three-year firm, plus 2 x 1-year options contract.

The 1st award is for an UPTIME 23.4m rental system to be employed as a front runner, commencing in June 2022. UPTIME 23.4m rental system is a proven active motion compensated gangway and is to be used as part of the vessel’s logistics system. Duration is expected to be approximately 1 year.

The 2nd award is for an OEM purchase of an UPTIME 30m autonomous logistics system that will be delivered, installed, and used on the same MPSV, for the remainder of the vessel contract.


Hugo Øyen, SVP Sales and Marketing of UPTIME International AS, in a statement says:

“We are proud and humbled to be chosen by DOF to be the Walk to Work system provider for this long-term project. Especially pleased that we together found a good solution with a frontrunner rental system while waiting for delivery of the state-of-the-art OEM 30m system in 2023.

This award again confirms our reputation within Walk to Work for the energy sector, for delivering safe access through our logistics solutions for personnel and cargo.

We are looking forward to successful execution together with DOF and their customer.”


Øyvind Våge, Chartering Manager of DOF Subsea, in a statement says: 

”DOF is very pleased with the cooperation with Uptime and the joint engagement towards our Client in order to provide the winning solution.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Uptime.”

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